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You can use the form below to enquire about any of the parish groups and to find out more about how to get involved. You can also use the form to register yourself with a parish if you are new to the areas of Dumfries or Annan.


Once the form is filled in ‘submitting’ it will send your form by email to the parish office. The parish office will then either follow up directly with you or pass it to the group you are enquiring after and they will get in touch with you. 

The parish office only use the information you provide to pursue your communication. Your information will not be shared with parties out with our parish communities.

To fill in the form please read and choose area of interest by ticking the appropriate boxes and at the bottom typing the detail of your enquiry, or request.

If you need to contact the Parish office, or Priest urgently you can call 01387 254 281

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